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Everything is energy. What guides us best is our intuition. From this space, we find ourselves connected with Spirit and guided to help benefit the well-being of humanity for the greatest good. There are times, however, where we find ourselves our of alignment with that whisper within. This temporary void and space shows us that we are blocked as we believe in the illusion of our illnesses or current circumstances are stronger than our true, innate essence.

I am here to help you align.


With the intention to help you connect to the Divine Wisdom and Spirit that dwells in your heart, I am blessed to receive guidance from the Cosmic Heart to help you overcome anything you may find holding you back, whether you are aware of it or not. As you focus your intention and your thoughts to be in alignment with your heart's truth, know that the Universe is always working for you, never against you. You have the power and strength to overcome anything that may be temporarily holding you back.

Through various healing techniques that have helped me along the way, the illusion of pain and suffering may be transmuted into unconditional love and light. As an intuitive counselor, I work with various Spirit Guides including archangels, ascendant masters, deities and goddesses from various sacred traditions, as well as higher dimensional tools such as sacred geometry + sound medicine to share with you the guidance and insights to help you thrive. These personal and individualized sessions may include.

shamanic breathwork
crystal therapy
oracle readings
recommended practices

sound healing
intuitive guidance
kundalini yoga
tantric therapy


I am here to support you in any means necessary as you continue on your journey of finding, honoring, and living your authentic self. Because we are all interconnected and beyond time and space, distance healing is attainable. As we connect together with the intention to instill healing and spiritual growth, anything is possible with the help of unconditional love. Remember, you are far beyond your physical body. As a radiant being of unconditional love and light, with your permission, your energy can be healed as you allow the Grace of Spirit to enter your field of pure potentiality.


please note:  while we may not use all of these wonderful tools, we cater to what we are being intuitively guided to include. please be aware that we always consider what you prefer and what brings you the most comfort.

These Soul Activation Sessions May Be a Fit if...

✦ You're ready to overcome and release emotional blocks
✦ You've been doing the inner work and you're ready to go deeper
✦ You're ready to reclaim your bliss and reconnect with your inner joy
✦ You're ready to heal any past emotional wounds or trauma that may be stuck in your body
✦ You are dedicated to be emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally healthy
✦ You are ready to find alignment with your soul
✦ You are here to reclaim your sovereignty

✦ You desire to have a better relationship with your body + your true essence
✦ You're ready to reclaim your self-confidence + grace again
✦ You have the intention to cultivate a deeper spiritual connection
✦ You're searching for guidance along your Soulistic Journey
✦ You’re willing to connect with your Highest Self, Source, and your Spirit Guides to help navigate through this time and space
✦ You're ready to align to your soul’s purpose


Working with Sabrina has uplifted me in ways I never previously thought possible. With her guidance, I'm discovering the ways in which I hold myself back and how I can heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Her work is teaching me the areas in my life I need to focus on and what I need to let go of. I now feel more powerful and capable than ever. Our sessions have truly been an incredible and rewarding experience.




Sabrina is the REAL DEAL. I am so grateful to of had a reading and healing from her. Everything was spot on. Even though our session was remote, I could feel her healing traveling throughout my body and she confirmed my exact feelings during our session. Her reading was mind-blowingly accurate. Everything I needed to hear and more. Sabrina has a unique way of combining her powerful gifts and making it super easy and chill for her clients. I cannot speak highly enough and frequently refer to her as my "shaman". Regardless if you're a "spiritual" person or not, you will feel comfortable and receive massive results from a session with her. Do it now!




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