032 | Waking Up the Spiritual Activist in the World of Spirituality

There comes a time as a Spiritual Leader that you must take action and talk about the bigger picture of what’s happening in the world. For me, this has been the driving force since becoming a Goddesspreneur in 2011. I came forth and started my business with the passion of activism and speaking up to share truth. What we are experiencing in the world today is a watered-down version of Spirituality.


To be Spiritual is to look at the bigger picture of what’s happening and infusing that with the Spiritual truth that there is no separation and that we are all one. As Jupiter is in Retrograde in the fiery Scorpio, we are having to face many of our shadows in order to truly expand. With Scorpio being the sign of the underworld, we are being forced to really face our shit and the things we’ve repressed. We didn’t come here to fit in. We were born to stand out. Part of authenticity is speaking up about the issues that are unjust. Issues that we are passionate about. Issues that have been hiding for too long.

Sovereign Goddess Podcast | 032 | Waking Up the Spiritual Activist in the World of Spirituality :: Sabrina Riccio

This is the time for us as Spiritual Teachers and leaders to do something about what’s going on. Clearly, the way we’ve been working isn’t going to be sustainable in the long run, but getting real and sharing the truth of what’s in front of us and what’s the bigger picture is CRUCIAL. I was doing my best to take a break, but truth is, I can’t keep quiet. I can’t sit on the sidelines. We can’t just wait around for someone else to do something. We must take action and stand up. We are gifted the opportunity to use our voice to uplift and inspire and make change. This is the time we’ve been waiting for. This is when Spiritual Activism comes to play. THIS is what sovereignty is all about. 



In this episode I talk about…


☾ Understanding the Power of the Patriarchy as the Shadow of our Country

☾ Recognizing the Inner Child of Society Crying Out for love

☾ Using your Power and your Platform to make REAL social change

☾ Connecting with the human experience and doing something about it

☾ Respecting Cultural Appropriation

☾ Understanding that Awareness is the Key of the Future

☾ Releasing Shame around Money, but Doing Something with your Money

☾ Spiritual Bypassing and Why We Need to Get Honest and Get Real


May this transmission empower you to go out in the world and be a better human being. May all beings be happy and free.



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031 | Beauty in the Breakdown

There is always such great beauty in the breakdown. We find ourselves filling, filling, filling, until there gets a point where we just explode. Those breakdowns bring forth the greatest breakthroughs, opportunities for you to face your shit and take action to choose again. This is what happened to me, and now, I’m picking up the pieces. You see, I’m all about honoring all facets of the human experience. I believe in the power of Shadow Work. I know that the stars shine brightest in the darkest of nights. 


In this episode, I go there. I get real vulnerable with you and share with you what I’ve learned from breakdown after breakdown. Growing up depressed, I found comfort in the shadows. Now that I continue working to bring in and anchor more light, when the tunnels come up, I know that there’s a purpose to it all. I want you to know that you have the capacity and ability to grow through what you go through. The icky stuff is the grit and soil to plant the seeds of what it is you're achieving. 



You are able to conquer any battle. Climb any mountain. But you must be willing to believe in yourself. “I see it when I believe it.” One of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s greatest quotes. Believe you’ll get through it. Believe you are worthy of living a life far beyond your wildest dreams. Believe that anything is possible. You must first start and then keep going. All good things come to those who are patient, resilient, and empowered to make this world a better place. Believe and you’ll see it.


031 | Beauty in the Breakdown // Sovereign Goddess Podcast


In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, I talked about...


☾ Conquering the demons, martyrdom, and the limiting beliefs

☾ The power of crying and breakdowns for the breakthroughs

☾ Choosing to be victorious over the victim

☾ The Power of the Kidneys

☾ Conquering Shame in the world of Instagram

☾ The importance of Shadow Work and honoring all facets of the human experience

☾ Making peace with my healing journey and the medicine of yoga

☾ Boundaries and why they are crucial

☾ Indigos up-leveling the collective consciousness and the planet

☾ The importance of health in the Golden Era



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030 | Reclaiming your Power From the Patriarchy Through Astrology // Evelyn Von Zuel

As we find ourselves deep in this Eclipse portal post the Super Everything Moon in Leo, many of us light leaders are having to come to terms and face the things we’ve been repressing for years, possibly even lifetimes. I know for me, I’ve been having to come to meet my inner child and give her the love she’s been yearning for years. This has been directly tied to my Judeo-Christian upbringing centered in shame and guilt about love, body awareness, and overall being a "good girl" in order to avoid going to hell. With Christianity being derived from the patriarchal system that suppressed women, the recent women's movement is bringing forth an opportunity for women and the feminine essence within each of us to rise up as we continue to heal and transmute any limiting beliefs that have been placed on us for generations. 

As we continue to cut through the influence of the Patriarchy that’s been doing its best to keep us in line, it's crucial for us to connect to our Truth. With the recent political arena and influence in the United States, there’s been an opportunity for the American People to speak up and save Democracy as we know it. Many of our systems need a wakeup call and reform, but to see that in the political system, it first must begin with us, as the inner creates the outer. My sister, Evelyn Von Zuel of Astrom Council is a passionate priestess who loves to connect the political sector with astrology, because let’s face it, astrology is the language of the future. It’s universal. As we take the time to understand the planets more and how they effect our energy, we are able to navigate through this time and space easier. Through our awakening process, we are becoming increasingly sensitive, astrology is a powerful way for us to reclaim our power. Understanding the energy behind money is also a great way for us to go forth and not only accumulate more of it, but more importantly, cultivate a healthier relationship to it. Money has been a topic that’s been coming up a lot on the Sovereign Goddess Podcast because humanity needs more conscious millionaires, for those who are conscious and see money as a force of good. These individuals will be the ones who donate to nonprofits and causes that need help, inspire and uplift others to become a vibrational match to the money they are worthy of, and more importantly, allowing their money to support small business and people who are doing great things through their work to help and elevate the collective consciousness and the planet at large.

Evelyn Von Zuel of Astrom Council | Reclaiming Your Power from the Patriarchy Through Astrology // Sovereign Goddess Podcast


In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, we talked about…

☾ The Recent Leo/Aquarius Axis

☾ How to hone in to the Eclipse Portal

☾ The Rise of Inner Child Healing 

☾ Insights on the various houses of your natal chart

☾ Healing our Perception around Tax Season as we Redefine our Relationship with Money

☾ Rewriting the story of the Judeo-Christian Rule that's been carried on for generations  and lifetimes

☾ Astrological Insights as to what's unfolding in our current political sector

☾ Using our light to influence and uplift the hearts of the world's current political leaders

☾ Understanding Kundalini Energy to Make Positive Change in the World

☾ Developing a Healthy Relationship with Mercury + Mercury Retrograde

☾ The Rise in Popularity of Astrology

☾ Evelyn's Journey to find her Sat Nam

☾ Why Planets effect everyone Differently

☾ Anchoring our Multi-Sensory Selves

☾ How Astrology is becoming the norm again

☾ Sneak Peek about Uranus in Taurus + why it's important to connect with your body

☾ Astrology becoming the Language of the Future

☾ How to heal skepticism around Astrology


It’s no accident as to how these recent years have played out. The American people needed a rude wake up call to take back their power and to align to the true ethos of America, allowing We the People to come together as a Republic as we take a stand for all people. As a Spiritual Teacher and a student of A Course in Miracles, I recognize not only that everything is love or an opportunity for love, but also that there is no separateness between one another. We are One and that means when our brother triggers us, we have to allow ourselves to go within and heal the wounds that have caused the pain. What’s been happening in the US and the World has been an opportunity for more community, more love, perfect for the Leo / Aquarius axis we entered during this recent Lunar Eclipse. Leo, the ruler of the Heart and courage pairing up with Aquarius, the Rebel who sees the importance of community,  is giving us the key to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, all we have to do is have the courage to follow our hearts and love what arises. Working through deep Inner Child work means going back to those painful and traumatic memories and giving ourselves the love we've been yearning for. 

Meet Evelyn Von Zuel

Evelyn Von Zuel has been pouring her soul into the esoteric subjects for life times. She knew she was interested in the most mystical side of life since a very young age. Her knowledge and practice spans across many subjects, including astrology, guided meditation, crystals, moon ceremonies and occult history. Evelyn withdrew from her conventional career in 2016 to fully devote herself to expanding her natural gifts for healing others. Her birth chart readings are clear, honest, and sometimes life-changing. 

Evelyn is as enjoyable to be around and willing to listen as her Libra sun sign suggests. This makes a beautiful combination with her Scorpio ascendant, which allows her to see straight to the bottom of every question that is brought to her, and the ones that haven’t been asked yet. Meanwhile, her Taurus Moon allows her see the most realistic and attainable course of action, and gently offer it to you.  

Working out of the serene landscapes of Joshua Tree, Evelyn is able to stay grounded while holding space for you to dive deep within.


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INSTAGRAM | http://www.instagram.com/astrom.council

WEBSITE | http://www.astromcouncil.com

TAXES FOR CREATIVES CLASS 2.6 | https://www.astromcouncil.com/product-page/taxes-for-creatives


029 | Aligning and Activating Your Sacred Business :: Brianna Rose

I’ve been sharing with you throughout the year my passion for Kundalini Yoga. Having entered my life during a time when I felt lost, isolated and trapped in my own nightmare, this practice has drastically shifted my life. As a teacher of this practice for over 3 years now, it’s been incredible to witness the people who’ve entered my life that too are part of the Golden Chain. Becoming more conscious in all areas of our lives, these spiritual practices and principles are showing up in many areas including our lives, relationships, and of course our careers and work. We’ve become increasingly sensitive, especially over the years, as we have to process more information than ever before. Putting a toll on our nervous system, practices like Kundalini Yoga offer us the ability to strengthen our sacred container as the energy of abundance comes into our lives. I know for me, after being struck by lightning, my nervous system was damaged. This is where we hold all our trauma and the energy that is life.


I was beyond stoked to have my soul sister Brianna Rose on this week’s episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast. I met this beautiful soul as part of Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkies Masterclass community and wow, what a transformation we’ve both experienced over the years. I even had the pleasure of doing a medicine session for this woman as she was truly honing in to her Sat Nam. Now, she’s slayin’ the game with her Rising Light Sisterhood community on Facebook where she offers weekly business activations.


One of the biggest things is that we’re taught that in order to create success we have to create a whirlwind of craziness for ourselves when it can be just really pure and blissful.
— Brianna Rose

In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast we talk about...


☾ The trend of people showing up + stepping into their Sat Nam

☾ The importance of connecting with your body to anchor in the work you’re here to do

☾ How Kundalini Yoga is helping people excel to new heights

☾ Having the courage to do the deeper work in order to be a light leader

☾ Knowing you have permission to authentically be you

☾ The power behind reinventing + rebranding yourself

☾ Going at your own pace as you honor your healing journey

☾ Feeling into your changes and your business

☾ Finding the state of bliss and flow at your core

☾ Rebranding as a healing process

☾ Doing work that’s inspiring and intentional

☾ America’s rebranding as we continue to heal as a collective THROAT CHAKRA HEALING

☾ Cultivating a relationship with your Chakras to anchor in your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

☾ Strengthen your lower chakras + the importance of being grounded

☾ Transmuting the scarcity mindset + stories passed through our parents

☾ Millennials, the philanthropic generation

☾ The power of your sound current

☾ The future of business through partnership

☾ Understanding the energy of your business


I want you to always remember, honor the journey, trust the process. You know in your heart what's needed of you in order to achieve and actualize your wildest dreams. Now is not the time to give up. This is an opportunity for you to truly show up in the world and share your gifts and talents. The world is ready for your medicine. You taking the time to dive in deep and heal those wounds will not only benefit you and your well-being, but also the world's. Be gentle. Honor your feelings. Share with loved ones what's going on. And always remember, you are so loved and so supported!


Discover Brianna Rose

Brianna Rose is a Kundalini Business coach who's mission is to help Soulpreneurial get aligned and activated in their business.

Through her energy work, she helps women uncover their gifts, share their voice with the world, and tap into their prosperity potential. She believes in holistic brand building and curating a business according to your energy.

Brianna works with women across the globe to raise the consciousness of the planet. Her deep transformative work is always paired with infectious laughter and storytelling. 


Discover More about Brianna

INSTAGRAM | @IamBriannaRose

WEBSITE | www.iambriannarose.com

RISING LIGHT SISTERHOOD | https://www.facebook.com/groups/risinglightsisterhood/

028 | Capricorn Juju + Embodying the Sovereign Money Honey Queen // Lara Rose Duong

We are living in a new paradigm and part of that new paradigm involves people owning their worth, physically, emotionally, energetically, and monetary. As someone in the healing arts, healers have every right to make the money they deserve and are worthy of receiving. Being in this field, we give a lot and since we are here with the intention to be of service, there needs to be a balance happening in order to truly anchor in and restore equanimity in the world. This means healers need to receive. This is part of healing and honoring the Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine in our business and lives.

Healers hold a lot of space and we carry a lot of energy and transmute a lot of energy from the world outside of us. Dealing with energy work, it’s important for healers to take the time and invest in self-care rituals and most of the times that involves an exchange of money to be had. There’s a heavy stigma that’s been carried by the lineage of healers throughout history. Going back to ancient civilizations and the villages where many of these traditions came from, the healers and shamans were always taken care of by the village. But here in the Western World, we need money in order to pay for our services, our homes, our needs, our health.

This has obviously been a hot topic as more healers are recognizing their worth and their importance during these changing times. Healing the lineage of healers in terms of the topic with money, we are facing a time where it’s important for healers to have a healthy relationship with their money. As today is a New Moon in Capricorn, the cosmos are aligned for us to get clear and set the foundation. This means taking the time to honor money and to appreciate money and what it’s worth… no pun intended. 


Luckily, there are awesome healers out there empowering other healers and reminding them that it’s okay to make money. Enter Lara Rose Duong, aka The Modern Money Witch. I came across this woman on Instagram and I was instantly drawn to her. Sharing Sigils, Money Honey Practices, and bringing the Spiritual Element around the topic of money, Lara’s mission is to help people unleash their inner Rich Witch. 


Sovereign Goddess Podcast 028 | Capricorn Juju + Embodying the Sovereign Money Honey Queen with Lara-Rose Duong

In this conversation, Lara and I talked about...

the topic of Healers and earning their Money Honey

Healing the scarcity mindset carried from our ancestors

☾ the Influence of Quan Yin + Lakshmi in Lara’s life to create prosperity

☾ Money as a form of communication in our modern times

Healing our mindset around money

Why Money and Love run on the same frequency

How to truly anchor in the abundance that’s waiting for you

☾ The importance of being at full capacity + allowing yourself to fill up your cup

☾ How to serve and fulfill your dharma authentically

☾ Working with Sigil, power symbols to manifest your desires

☾ Creating change and a new heart economy

☾ What it means to Really be in your comfort zone

☾ Understanding the old economy and anchoring in a new economy to heal Mamma Gaia

☾ Our worthiness being inherent, not what’s in your bank account

☾ Having purpose with your money and allowing your money honey to be in alignment with your Divine Guidance

☾ Healing the Race War that's been carried for generations



Money can be used as a way to vote. Your money has power and the way you spend your money makes an impact on the world. Being conscious as to where your money goes and who your money supports is crucial in today’s day and age. This is how the people truly have power. Allowing your money to support non-profits, local businesses, small business and to be of service allows you to truly make a change in the world today. There’s no shame about wanting money. It’s simply energy. Give money with your whole heart, not out of obligation. Give if it’s in purpose and it’s in alignment with your heart. This is how you show money respect and how money respects you.


Discover More About Lara-Rose

Lara-Rose mentors activated women on their unique prosperity paths. She is a traditional financial adviser turned Modern Money Witch who marries spiritual and financial rituals to help her clients create prosperous lives and unleash their own inner Rich Witches.

Lara-Rose’s soul work revolves around engaging in the full spectrum conversation around money honey and prosperity in all areas of life. She is committed to helping the women across from her to heal their money honey stories and to have them singing the mantra “Love is Money”.

Lara-Rose empowers her clients to discover that they have the strength, wisdom, and knowledge inside of them to be the Queens of their own cash flow. She holds sacred space for women to define prosperity and luxury on their own terms, and her work is now featured in The Numinous, among other publications online.



Website | www.lararoseduong.com
Rich Witch Circle with LRD (on FB) | bit.ly/richwitchcircle
Instagram | @lararoseduong


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027 | What to Expect from the Sovereign Goddess Podcast in 2018

2018 is the year everyone's talking about. This is the Mettamorphosis we've all been working towards and waiting for. After being fired up by my queen Oprah from her speech at the Golden Globes, it's true that a New Dawn is on the Horizon. Bringing in 2018 on the right foot after working for Spiritual Teacher Marianne Williamson, Kundalini Yoga, A Course in Miracles, Mentoring, and the Nervous System are truly my top priorities as I come forth and share my medicine with the world through the Sovereign Goddess Podcast and beyond.



So as we go forth into 2018, I invite you to get clear and take action to actualize your dreams into your reality. This is the perfect opportunity as light-keepers to rise up and share our authentic truth. There's never been a better time for us to show up and be the light we wish to see in the world. We do this best by uplifting one another. This Golden Era is about cooperation and coming together to serve the greater good. I have so much faith for the future. I believe in the power of the people. And I know that everything we've gone through up until now has been perfectly orchestrated for us to rise together and to sustain the love for infinity.


027 | What to Expect from the Sovereign Goddess Podcast in 2018 | Sabrina Riccio


In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, I talked about...


☾ The Uprise of the Divine Feminine

☾ Healing the Divine Masculine

☾ What you can Expect from the Sovereign Goddess Podcast this year

☾ How we Actualize Heaven on Earth

☾ My spark to share more Kundalini Yoga + the Nervous System

☾ How you and I can become BFFs


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026 | Cultivating Conscious Community + Material Girl. Mystical World. // Ruby Warrington

Times are DEFINITELY changing here on this planet as more people tap into the mysticism that is ever present within and with out. As we are called to truly show up in the world as our most authentic self, there are thought leaders who are stepping up to share the wisdom, knowledge, and support for those who are embarking on this wild ride. People who are sharing their authentic truth, their stories and the things that light them up are truly stepping up to have deep and meaningful discussions to allow people to go within and discover who they truly are. This lady, is one of the goddesses that are leading the way. Ruby Warrington is the goddesspreneur behind The Numinous, a cosmic lifestyle platform that bridges the gap between the mystical and the mainstream.

When I feel triggered by another woman where I feel competitive or jealous, my practice is to look at it and say, ‘Okay. What is she embodying that’s lacking in me for any reason and how can I remind myself that I have access to that also and how can I then focus on cultivating more of that in my life rather than projecting on this innocent being who’s just being fucking fabulous?’
— Ruby Warrington

When you know you're being supported by a group of people who feel you and understand you, that's when you feel empowered to go out there and follow your dreams. As you begin to witness your reality, you have the power to choose to see more love in your life. Take action from that place to instill more of that. You have the power to choose what you consume. There's also great power in honoring your nervous system in order to get super attuned to the quality of your thoughts and to act from inspired action when things are going in a certain direction. It's up to you to choose to feed into the propaganda of war and fear mongering. Choosing to see love instead allows that pain and suffering to be healed and transmuted.


In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, we talked about...

☾ Facing your fear to become your most authentic self 

☾ Ruby's Bitch Slap from the Universe

☾ The importance of Self Care as you become increasingly sensitive

☾ Ruby's conscious partying journey and using alcohol in reverence

☾ Periods. Boundaries. + Feminine Leadership

☾ The power of building Conscious Community

☾ How Ruby handles feeling competitive or jealous about other women

☾ What happens when you really live in the present moment

☾ A modern take of what it means to be a witch in the Now Age

☾ How Ruby stays sane and balanced + her creative hack



As we begin to step into our authentic power, our fears may arise, but there's no need to fret, my love. They are showing you the areas that are ready to be healed and transmuted. Part of living in the Now Age is about honoring what arises and showering it with your love and attention. Most of the times, the things that come up are the parts of us we've disowned. Who you are is uniquely awesome and NEEDED during this paradigm shift. Finding ourselves more in a space of cooperation and collaboration instead of competition, we'll begin to foster a planet of unity. Knowing that you're supported and never alone helps you go out into the world and build your queendom with grace.


ruby warrington on the Sovereign Goddess Podcast


Ruby Warrington is a British journalist and author, and founder of The Numinous, a cosmic lifestyle platform that bridges the gap between the mystical and the mainstream. Ruby works regularly with brands on a consultancy basis, while her writing features in publications on both sides of the Atlantic. Other projects include "sober curious" event series Club SÖDA NYC and digital spiritual mentoring program Moon Club. Ruby's first book, Material Girl, Mystical World, is out now with Harper Collins. Both witty and wise, the book is an inspiring call-to-arms for today’s young woman, looking to find her authenticity and voice in business, relationships, and spirit.



INSTAGRAM | @the_numinous

MATERIAL GIRL, MYSTICAL WORLD | https://the-numinous.com/material-girl-mystical-world-book

CLUB SODA | https://www.clubsoda.nyc

SIGN UP FOR MOON CLUB | https://www.moonclub.co

NEW YEAR. NU YOU RETREAT JAN 1-5 AT KIRPALU | https://kripalu.org/presenters-programs/numinous-presents-new-year-nu-you


025 | Intuitive Business + the Future of Conscious Entreprenurship // Danielle Blum

As we continue to witness this mass awakening happening on the planet, more and more people are quitting their 9-5s and are finally following their heart’s desires. The journey of the Entrepreneur is never easy 100% of the time. Because we’re all in this together, it’s important for us to come together and show up for one another. Supporting individuals and awakening what’s within them as they begin to honor their greatness and what it takes to bring them out into the world through our gifts in order to really lead in the world. Of course, it takes courage to go beyond the limiting beliefs that have been placed on us. Coming together as a community to express who we are.

Having a vision of a world that’s globally connected and unified is Danielle’s greatest vision. Seeing people live a life on purpose where they are aware of their gifts, honoring one another’s differences, and recognizing this as the opportunity not just to uplift humanity, but to see the collective live their fullest potential, this is what Danielle is most passionate about. Moving beyond our communities, it’s Danielle’s mission to connect with people on a global level to honor the diversity to come together and really show up in the world during this powerful time in history.

World Nativ is a community of dreamers, doers, and entrepreneurs who are here to share their gifts and talents with the world. Through the power of community, when like-minded people come together to support each other and their visions to make this world a place of intention and purpose, we begin to heal and uplift the planet. As we continue to anchor in this Golden Era where collaboration and community triumphs over the competition, honoring one another and their diverse set of gifts and talents allows people to shine.


Whenever you start to follow your dreams, it’s never an easy road. Challenges and twists and turns are inevitable, but it’s always crucial to remember that what’s happening is always for you, it’s never happening to you. Remember to be consistent with the inner mission and vision and surrender to how it will look or how you’ll get there. This is your guiding compass to be in the world and to each other. The Universe knows what’s best in alignment with your highest truth and calling.

Listening to the inner pull of your heart, not so much what people are telling you to do outside of you. So what happens when the fears arise you ask? As Danielle shares in her Wild Awakening groups and her Intuitive 1:1 Sessions, it’s important to cultivate that relationship and understanding as to what’s your intuition and what’s your ego by asking yourself, “If I weren’t afraid, I would…” and keep going. Once you’ve sat with this question for some time, Danielle challenges you to do at least one thing on that list. This helps you see what you really desire and want to do. As you begin to do something you’ve never done before it can get scary, but as you do it and answer the inner calling, you begin to connect to the intuitive information that’s always coming through us. Things may come up and it doesn’t make sense logically, but as you begin to foster this relationship with your heart and your intuition, the commitment to your inner purpose allows the miracles and opportunities to arise.


Cultivating a self-care practice is crucial. As you begin to tune in and do the things your heart wants you to do, not only do you begin to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself, but you also begin to foster a habit and belief of self-confidence where you begin to trust yourself from something within. Intuition is what leads you to the opportunities your soul’s been patiently waiting to experience. It’s up to you whether or not you take the leap of faith and do something you’ve never done before. Trusting your intuition and blending it with entrepreneurship helps anchor and ground your soul’s truth.


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In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, we talked about...

☾ Fostering a relationship with your intuition
☾ Allowing the inner vision and purpose to be your guiding compass
☾ Trusting your heart’s inner desires instead of your head and the fears
☾ How Intuition is the future of Business
☾ Healing our Money perception to bring forth more abundance
☾ The truth about resistance
☾  How to anchor in the 5D conscious in the world today
☾  What it means to have real courage in the world we are witnessing
☾  The evolution of authentic connection + expression in business, social media, + life
☾  Acting from Inspired action vs receptivity


Entrepreneurship is about taking intuition, taking vision and giving it a body. This helps you birth the vision in the form of entrepreneurism. Whether it be a business or passion project that’s supporting you and your life’s mission, Danielle explains it as the birthing canal of vision being this upside-down triangle to awaken to your fullest expression of you and birth through vision something tangible. It takes courage to allow your intuition to guide your business which results in truly making an impact on the planet. As we cultivate a spiritual business, we begin to foster an energy and guiding force that can make a lasting impact on the world. As we see business as an energy healing work, you have the potential to create a positive impact to thousands to millions to billions of people across the world thanks to advancements in technology. And guess what, it’s totally possible to make an impact and be abundant!

As you feel resistance in your body about things such as money, it’s important to tune within and talk the fear within you and ask it questions to begin to foster a relationship with it. Working with the resistance allows us to get out of the victim mentality and reclaim your power back from the limiting beliefs and the very thing that’s been holding you back from living your fullest potential. Much of our money issues come from the collective belief around money that eventually gets put in our energetic field that we then carry around. Often times, people have a difficult time differentiating between what’s theirs and what’s environmental. As you begin to fall in alignment with the Truth of our heart’s desires, we become abundant beyond money. Being in service and ready to show up in the world, the Universe begins to offer you opportunities for support. Choosing to release what no longer serves allows you to align with your soul’s truth and purpose. There’s a calling for us leaders to show up and be abundant so that we can give more. All it requires is for us to remember that we are innately abundant and tap into that.


Looking at the resistance in the world, we find ourselves creating more polarity if we continue to side with the resistance rather than recognizing the pain of others as an opportunity to love and be heart-centered to create the solutions. The frequency of love unwinds the old traumas to show who we truly are and shift the planet.


Tapping into the evolution of humanity, we can see that all of this is perfectly unfolding for us so that we can become the fullest most authentic expression of ourselves and what’s possible in our human experience. Courage comes as we trust the heart and move forward anyways to where you begin to trust that over everything else. The courage to listen to yourself comes through meditation and yoga as we continue to go forward on our paths and fully enjoying this present moment we’re experiencing. In order to fully honor all facets of the human experience, we must be willing to face our shit and the things we’ve suppressed up until now. What we’ve gone through will be able to help those we meet along the way to help accelerate the ascension of humanity. Not only do we begin to cultivate a deeper sense of empathy, but we also are able to live from our heart-space and see people for where they are.


Taking the time to learn the structure of business, we allow the whimsical beauty behind what we do the opportunity to thrive. What’s important in business isn’t just the traditional way of business of financial planning and structures.  Danielle believes business should be about learning the core ideas of business while also knowing yourself, your strengths, and your gifts to run a business that aligned with your natural movement. Using your intuition to feel out your business and your gifts are the best way for you to thrive naturally and authentically.

Beginning to honor the masculine and feminine elements of business, the structure and the whimsical, we find ourselves the opportunity to balance the receptivity and the drive forward to follow inspired action. It’s best to show up when it feels right + you’re feeling inspired, not exhausted. This is how it comes back to you when you’re relaxed, receptive and in this space of trust. As we begin to listen to our body’s needs and what it takes for us to honor it the way it deserves, we find ourselves in that alignment. There’s a cyclical essence happening always where sometimes we’re more inspired than others. All of it is perfect. Listening to your intuition and your body’s needs is crucial because the world needs you to show up fully. It’s okay to take breaks for self-care and nourish yourself. Filling up your cup and allowing the space of abundance in many forms that are overflowing is the secret to success.


There are always highs and lows, but it’s up to us to realize that the lows are there to help us grow. As you continue to follow the vision of how your gift can make the world a better place, allow yourself to remember the fact that you offer something no one else can. Your experiences have shaped you into the person you are today.


About Danielle Blum

Danielle Blum is the Founder and CEO of World Nativ and the Wild Awakening: Female Leaders Mastermind. World Nativ is a platform that connects minds locally and globally to support individuals in a variety of ways through entrepreneurship and personal development. As an intuitive business coach, her soul’s purpose is to support the awakening of individuals in finding their light and gifts to share with the world and then creating a community to magnify our efforts for global change.


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INSTAGRAM | @worldnativ   .:.   @lovedanifest

WORLD NATIV WEBSITE | http://www.worldnativ.com

WILD AWAKENING: FEMALE LEADERS MASTERMIND now enrolling | https://worldnativ.lpages.co/wild-awakening/

024 | Cultivating New Habits for a Kick Ass 2018

While 8% of people achieve their New Years Resolutions, 80% fail by February… That’s insane! We have these visions and dreams and we want to make the shift, but how much do we really want it? As we embark on our last weeks of what has been a wild 2017, we have the grit and the opportunity to get a head start of our New Years resolutions by starting NOW. All your power and presence starts in this present moment. Rather than having our goals and desires be a pipe dream, taking the action steps today towards what it is you’re ready to manifest and realize gives you a boost and helps you on the path to a Kick Ass 2018.


We are on the precipice of the holiday season. Imagine starting your new habits before hitting the Thanksgiving table and being around all the family. Without a doubt, our families are our biggest triggers… it’s why we chose them in this lifetime. When we remember that they are simply a reflection of us, we can choose again and see it as an opportunity that the Universe is conspiring in our favor by showing us the areas we need to address and work through so that we too can inspire our families to make the change. 



As we begin to cultivate these new habits, we are able to start working on this subconscious chain reaction between our mind, glandular system and our nervous systems. This is the time for us to take action and become a pro along our soulistic journey rather than an amateur. To anchor in our desires, we must have our bodies prepared for these higher frequencies. This is why more than ever our health needs to be addressed and honored, and this especially means taking the time to rest and regenerate our cells to be strong and to withstand what may come our way along the journey. Because let’s face it, the Universe wants to see how much we want it! Tests may come along the way to see if we pass or if we continue to make ourselves the victim of our reality.



In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, I talked about...

☾ The difference between being a pro + being an amateur 

☾ The power of Sadhana

☾ Restructuring our habits with 40-90-120-1000 days

☾ The Stats behind failed New Year's resolutions

☾ Insights of Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio

☾ Cultivating a healthy nervous system

☾ How to really anchor in what it is you’re ready to manifest

☾ How to authentically show up in the world

☾ Navigating through the holidays with family + the collective

☾ Kicking off 2018 on the right foot by starting NOW


With Saturday being a New Moon in Scorpio, we are asked to really slow down and honor ourselves and our needs. Deep insights are rolling through because we are here to reflect on the year we’ve endured and what worked and what didn’t. With this opportunity, we are able to choose again and choose to be in alignment with our heart’s desires. Luckily, I’ve launched Stay Woke, just in time for the holidays. This 6-part e-course is designed to work on your unconscious and subconscious mind as you begin to honor all facets of your human experience with ease and grace. That means, honoring your shadows, practicing humility with radical forgiveness, and also having your life be a sacred experience. Taking the time to invest in yourself, allows you to authentically show up in the world with the confidence and the grit, knowing that what you desire is yours to have, but you must be able to honor the journey and trust the process. 


We are at a point now where we must be willing to slow down and honor what arises. If we constantly allow ourselves to overwork ourselves, we are setting ourselves up for disaster. Enough of that, darling. So as you go forth and reflect on 2017, focus on how you want to feel in 2018 and start to make the shift today by cultivating your daily practice and rituals to support you and develop the foundation for you to be grounded in your be-ing as you soar to new heights and finally anchor in the miracles you’ve been working towards.


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023 | The Revival of Cacao + Living in Ceremony // Sena Shakti Shellenberger

On this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, I had the immense pleasure to talk to fellow medicine woman Sena Shakti Shellenberg about Cacao, Plant Medicines, and the power behind trusting your Intuition as you embark on your Spiritual Journey. I met Sena this summer in Joshua Tree at Bhakti Fest at a Cacao Ceremony and I knew there was more to this lady in front of me. Not only were all of my friends raving about her and her knowledge of cacao, but as a plant medicine consumer + believer, I too have been more interested in Cacao and her healing properties.

After working 5 years in Silicon Valley with Google, Sena knew there was more to discover as she embarked on her Spiritual Journey. Unsure of where her life was going, Sena began to trust her intuition in order for her to align to her highest purpose. Waking up and realizing her dharma was about to unfold, Sena sold her belongings and traveled to Peru to sign up for a 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training that also incorporated Plant Medicines. It wasn’t until she sat in Shamanic Ceremony involving Palo Santo, Bells, Crystals, Rapé (tobacco snuff), Cacao, and Sanaga (Amazonian Eye Drops) that she heard the call to work with the plant medicine of Cacao.

Following the guidance from her Spirit Guides, Sena embarked on an intense journey of purging and clearing out what no longer served in order to make room for the abundance in store. Exploring unknown territories for almost a year, Sena heard the call to come back and do the work. She recognizes more than ever, this medicine needs to be shared with the masses. The Mayans prophesied that Cacao would be making a comeback when the people of the world needed to open their hearts and connect with Nature again. P O W E R F U L , right?


Sovereign Goddess Podcast episode 023 | The Revival of Cacao + Trusting the Flow of the Journey // Sena Shakti Shellenberger

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In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, we talked about...

☾ The power of connection with Cacao + Ceremony
☾ The Revival of Cacao
☾ Conscious Partying with the Consumption of Cacao
☾ Sharing our Medicine through Authentic Storytelling
☾ The importance of vulnerability, discernment, and boundaries
☾ What happens when you choose to ignore the guidance of Spirit
☾ Honoring the Ancestors through Ceremony
☾ Integrating the Healing and the Shifts of the Journey
☾ Coming home to do the work
☾ Committing and owning the wisdom you know… like really know



When you ask Spirit for help and it’s offered to you, but you don’t like what Spirit has to say, things can get messy. When Spirit Speaks, you listen. You are here and guided to serve the highest good and sometimes, our ego’s get in the way or we find ourselves negotiating with Spirit… good luck with that. Embarking on this journey means being in total surrender. You are here to be a vessel for God, the Universe, Spirit, Love. As we take the time to empty out and integrate the innate wisdom of the Cosmos + the Divine, we find ourselves living in a space of abundance and alignment.

While we do the deep work during these immersive integrations into the unknown, it isn’t until we get back home that we begin to discover the real work that needs to be tended to. It takes courage to come back to the default world and do the work, but this is our time to rise up and come out. Medicines like Cacao are here to help us open our hearts and guide us through these changing times. This is the time for us to come together and allow ourselves to be guided by our heart as we connect to the hearts of humanity and those we are here to serve. Just remember, Know that you know.

About Sena

Sena is a carrier of cacao medicine, ceremonialist and people empowerer. She builds deeper pathways to self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love through ceremony, sound, yoga, meditation, plant medicine and coaching. She’s here to support our shift into heart-centered living.

After working 5 years in Silicon Valley, she spent eight months finding inner freedom in the jungles of Peru + Costa Rica. She is passionate about creating safe, nurturing spaces to share her wisdom and support our collective healing. Sena now resides in Sonoma County, CA where she leads women’s circles, cacao ceremonies, and international retreats. She recently launched an online cacao course and is excited about her New Year’s Cacao Retreat in Costa Rica.


Discover More about Sena

INSTAGRAM | @Sena_Shakti

WEBSITE | www.senashakti.com

RETREATS | www.senashakti.com/retreats

OPEN YOUR HEART WITH CACAO E-COURSE | www.openyourheartwithcacao.com


022 | Conquering Mental Illness + Rising up to our Authentic Truth

Mental Illness. It's a topic that NEEDS to be brought up and spoken about. Yes, it seems as though the world is going insane. What's happening during these times is evident, this is all a call for love, connection, oneness. This is the time for us to love and honor ourselves for who we Authentically are. Having suffered from mental illness for over 20 years of my life, I've been able to see what's happing from a higher perspective because I've been there. The war in my head once ruled, but through being gentle, patience, healing, and stepping into my light, I've found myself in a space where I can share the utmost compassion to myself because I'm worthy of it. We are all worthy of the love and compassion. Right now, the world is on fire. People are suffering. Homes are being burnt. All of this is due to the mental illness of the collective from past traumas, our fears, and limiting beliefs we have about ourselves. This is a time to WAKE UP! and stay responsible for our actions, behaviors, and character. As we awaken from the slumber of illusions, fears, and doubts, we find ourselves able to pick up the pieces and come together, supporting one another as we go through this rebirthing period.

Birthing new paradigms means having to face the ugly moments of humanity and to realign with what's important. We're here to support one another on our journey and as we go forth, the roads can get twisty and turn-y, but it's important to honor yourself and what you're feeling. Allowing them to come to the surface and asking for help is everything. When you show up and speak your authentic truth, you'll attract the people who see you, honor you, appreciate you for YOU! This is the time to drop the stigmas and to be unafraid when you need help. Reach out. We need you and your radiance. Allow yourself during these times to live in devotion. Share your medicine. Take care of your needs. Love harder than ever. Recognize the beauty that's happening in the small moments life has to offer. This is the time to stop numbing out because of what we're seeing on our TV screens and the media. Use this as an opportunity to become a pioneer of your own life. Paint the world with the love you wish to see. Be gentle with yourself. Love is always around and ready for you. Shift your perceptions from fear to love to witness the miracles. Tap into your Shakti energy and create your masterpiece.


021 // Surrendering to the Journey of Self Love + Just Be | Meredith Rom

Following your gut to take the risk. Cultivating trust as you embark on the Spiritual Journey and into the unknown. Rising Women Leaders Podcast host + author Meredith Rom reminds us in her new book Just Be the importance of Just Be-ing as we begin to honor the journey and trust the process. In her latest memoir, Meredith shares her journey of finding Self-Love in India as she trusted her intuition and listened to her spirit guides to choose again to where her life was headed. She heard the call to move to India to participate at Amma’s Ashram, but along the way, she was guided to surrender and to explore more of the country on a pilgrimage of a lifetime. Living in fear to express herself and being out there, her body and Spirit let her know that this was the time for her to explore. After her pilgrimage, Meredith has stepped up as a Sovereign Leader for women through her podcast, business, and her latest offering, The Sovereign Circle to help empower women to tap into and live from their higher self.


Meredith Rom.jpg

In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, we talked about…

☾ Meredith’s Journey and her pilgrimage to India to practice yoga and study herself at Amma’s Ashram

☾ Diving into the uncomfortable in order to become the person we are destined to be

☾ The art of surrender and living in a space of total faith

☾ Trusting our Spirit Guides to help us along the journey and heal the past-life trauma + pain

☾ Healing our Throat Chakra as we step up and share our medicine

☾ Connecting with Mary Magdalene as the Divine Feminine begins to rise to reconnect with the Divine Masculine

☾ Stepping up as the Sovereign Queen to serve humanity

☾ The Sovereign Circle + empowering women through sisterhood and ceremony

☾ Working with the Feminine to support our business

☾ Releasing our attachment to the outcome and the art of letting go

☾ Taking responsibility for our actions and the practice of radical forgiveness


We are seeing more and more women stepping up and speaking their truth, owning their authentic power to help serve humanity. More than ever are women being asked to rise up and to stop suppressing their power because let’s face it, women are the creators to carry in life. We know that empowered women empower women, but to witness this, we must empower ourselves first. As we step into more of our feminine energy, we find ourselves working with the flow of life rather than against it. Miracles unfold at the right time… it truly is about Divine Timing. Going through our journey, we must learn to be more receptive and allow this energy to flow as we learn to balance our masculine energy and empower our own feminine energy. When we allow ourselves to Just Be and honor what arises, we find ourselves in alignment with ease and grace.


Even if you don’t know it yet, your higher self is with you. Inside of you... someone so radiant is here to help uplift you and support you.  Meredith Rom Sovereign Goddess Podcast

As a society, we are learning and remembering that we truly are enough as we are. For so long, we’ve been operating out of this masculine space of pushing and hustling and going after and while there are moments where we need to honor that in our lives and in our business, we have been missing the crucial component to what’s needed. We need to cultivate that trust with Spirit and our souls as we navigate through this time and space without the over effort to the point of burnout and exhaustion. Cultivating a daily practice and taking the time to honor ourselves and what we need is crucial in today’s day and age and Meredith says it was what helped her step into her power as she began to embrace her radiance and brilliance. 


Real talk, we create our suffering. It’s important for us to take responsibility for our actions and to be gentle with ourselves as we go through our healing journey. Choosing again when we’re out of alignment takes courage. It’s easy for us to get caught up in our ego, thinking we have to do this all alone, but that’s far from the truth. Connecting with our Spirit Guides and Ascendant Masters along the way help us align to the miracles. We came here to help heal the wounds that have been carried for centuries. As we step up and begin to have the courage to share our medicine, we find ourselves in our fullest expression.


About Meredith

Meredith Rom is a yoga teacher, author, coach and host of the Rising Women Leaders podcast. Her mission is to support women to create a foundation of love within and for themselves, to live beyond their fears, and truly share their greatest gifts with the world.  After graduating from NYU she followed her intuition to Northern California where she now teaches yoga and mentors women to rise in courage, self-love and feminine leadership. She recently finished writing her first book, Just Be: A Search for Self-Love in India. Find her at www.meredithrom.com and on instagram @meredithrom.



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The Sovereign Circle | www.risingwomenleaders.com 

020 | The Metamorphosis of Shamanessa Goddessa + Embracing our Medicine

After years of hiding behind brands, I finally came out of the closet and stepped into my brilliance and radiance as Sabrina Riccio. For the past two years, I hid behind Shamanessa Goddessa and while she’s evolving, I too have evolved. It wasn’t until I was bitch slapped by Spirit to change my name that I actually had the courage to do so. It was a massive ego check for me to wake up and to own who I am at the core of my be-ing.

There are major shifts happening all around us and within us. As I’ve been diving into my Saturn Return, I’ve been seeing the areas in my life that needed to be revisited and reevaluated and of course my business would come up. While opportunities have been presenting themselves lately, I had to get real with myself and say I’ve been playing small because in my heart, I know I have. With this, I’m also choosing to not beat myself up. Rather, I’m choosing to honor myself that I realized that I was doing the best I could as I was working on filling my own cup for the first time in my life. Some people may not have understood or had expectations from me, but what helped me through those challenging misunderstandings is that I’ve always stayed true to what felt right in my heart and soul. I needed to take care of my needs before I could be in total service. This practice of radical self-care showed me that I needed to be behind Shamanessa Goddessa because the essence of Shamanessa Goddessa needed to work through me and heal me so that in return, I can use this platform to uplift my tribe and the people.

We cannot play small anymore. My recent trip to visit the Self Realization Fellowship where Yogananda lived in LA was beyond life-changing. As I stood in front of the ashes of Ghandi and was on the sacred grounds of one of the most respected human beings to enter this planet, Yogananda shared with me how I needed to step up and bring the teachings and the wisdom to the people who need it most. Making these teachings accessible is why Spiritual Teachers are really here. This isn’t about our ego, it’s about how we can show up and serve humanity.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 6.27.35 PM.png

So here I am. Standing up and showing up as my fullest expression. For the first time in my life, I love myself. Like really love myself. And wow, does it feel amazing. Now, I can share that love with the world and I’m looking forward to see how this story unfolds as I honor and respect myself as Sabrina Riccio.

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019 // Crystal Muse. Tuning In To the Real You | Heather Askinosie + Timmi Jandro of Energy Muse

For over two decades, Timmi Jandro + Heather Askinosie have joined forces and elevated the world with their passion for crystals through their company Energy Muse. Growing up as childhood friends, these goddesspreneurs have been interested in mysticism since little girls. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting these ladies at their beautiful space to talk about all things Crystals.

As these gifts from the Earth continue to grow in popularity, their’s a lot more to them than just buying a stone. These crystals are here to help us transform our lives. In this life, we’re bound to face obstacles and challenges. I mean, we’re here to grow, right? As we embark on this journey of transformation and alignment, we can begin to see these challenges as opportunities, allowing us to reclaim our power. We are living in times where we are REQUIRED to be living at our highest be-ing. This is the time for us to share our Truth with ease and grace. Crystals help us ground into our be-ing and with simple rituals, we allow ourselves to be in communion with the healing powers these stones carry.


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In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, we talked about...

↠ Cultivating an authentic relationship with your crystals
↠ Working with crystals to support you as you honor your journey and their’s
↠ Tapping into the technology of crystal medicine
↠ The Sustainability movement with the Booming Crystal
↠ Navigating through the Waves of Change through Discernment + Intuition
↠ Indigenous History of working with the Sun, Moon, and the Elements
↠ Energy Muses unique crystal clearing ritual
↠ The Crystal Muse book journey
↠ Incorporating Crystals in your life during the difficult times

Crystal Muse Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You


Crystal Muse, Everyday Rituals to Tune in to the Real You will be your new favorite coffee table book. Not only are the images stunning, but you'll be getting the tools and rituals to help you thrive during the Golden Era. The practices in this book have been collected for over 25 years. The rigorous research, traveling, and spiritual quests up until now allow this alternative healing practice to support you as you build your queendom with grace. As we mentioned in the episode, you can use the code SHAMANESSA20 over at EnergyMuse.com to get your crystal toolkit ready to go! What I know for sure, since I began actively working with crystals, I've been able to manifest my wildest dreams. Not only have I experienced deep healing within my psyche, but I've also been able to open my heart and align to the miracles that've been waiting for me to realize. The key to manifesting is that when you allow yourself to vibrationally align to what it is you truly want, you'll receive. Ask. Believe. Receive. The crystals are always working behind the scenes, so just because you aren't getting it on your terms or on the timeframe you want it to manifest, it doesn't mean it isn't happening. Patience is everything. Allow yourself to ground into your be-ing. Honor the journey. Trust the Process.


About the Ladies of Energy Muse

Heather Askinosie is a leading influencer on the power of crystals, Feng Shui, and holistic healing. For over 25 years, she has had the privilege of studying with the best healers from all over the world, who have passed down ancient teachings on how to utilize energy technology. In 2000, Heather co-founded Energy Muse with business partner, Timmi Jandro. Energy Muse is a conscious lifestyle brand, providing tools of empowerment, inspiration, and hope in the tangible form of jewelry and crystals. Together, Heather and Timmi are helping people reconnect with the energy of the Earth to align with their highest self, realize their true calling, and tap into their own personal magnificence.

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018 | Aligning to Abundance through the Summer of Change

There have been deep shifts for me since my move and having the blessing to witness what I experienced at Oregon Eclipse Gathering. For the first time in my life, I ALLOWED myself to slow down, and wow was it not only foreign, but oh so potent. In this episode, I shared how this Summer of Change brought forth the greatest blessings I’ve experienced thus far. I’ve seen a shift that has led me to deep abundance, growth, opportunity, connection, and remembrance. This summer really allowed me to step out of the spiritual closet and into alignment with my soul's truth.

Sovereign Goddess Podcast chapter 018 Aligning to Abundance through the Summer of Change

In this episode I talk about…

☾ Understanding the power of Abundance
☾ The power of embracing our full, authentic self
☾ Your words have power, choose wisely.
☾ Releasing the Warrior complex from our Past Lives
☾ Solar Eclipse insights
☾ Life as a sacred ceremony
☾ Living in a space of surrender and flow
☾ Understanding the energy of RESIST

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017 | The Manifestation Journey of the Creosote Casita in Joshua Tree

Diving Timing is always the name of the game. When it comes to manifesting your dream house, patience is everything. In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, I talked about my Manifestation Journey to birth the new headquarters of Shamanessa Goddessa over in Joshua Tree, CA. The Creosote Casita was something I knew was coming, but I didn't know how. It wasn't until I surrendered my plan, listened to the guidance that was being given to me by the Divine and my Spirit Guides, began believing in myself, my dream, and the journey that I was able to align and find myself in the flow of what I truly desired.

For 27 months, I was in a depression after the passing of my Nonna and moving back home from San Diego to be her caretaker during her battle with Mad Cow Disesase. It was the longest 2+ years of my life. It wasn't until I began listening to my gut and following my intuition that I took the necessary steps to align to the space that was ready to be be the foundation of my business and my life. To manifest something takes more than just praying for it to happen... you have to put in the work and sometimes it can be challenging. What's always important is that when you want something, the Universe will conspire to make it happen, but you have to meet Spirit half way. You have to align yourself to what it is you want. Once you become a vibrational match, it'll come to you. Go back to basics. Live in gratitude. Be patient. Honor the Journey. Trust the Process.

Sovereign Goddess Podcast chapter 017 | The Manifestation Journey of the Creosote Casita in Joshua Tree

016 // Mary Magdalene. The Rise of the Divine Feminine Essence | Faye Wylder

It’s no surprise the rise of interest in studying and sharing the gospel and story of Mary Magdalene. As the Divine Feminine Essence of the Christ Consciousness, Mary Magdalene represents the Sophia, the yin balance of Spirit. A powerful tantra practitioner and student of Queen Isis’ Sex Magic School, Mary Magdalene and Jesus would work together to help those to whom they’d cross paths with after being a mentee of Jesus’ mother, Mother Mary, another High Priestess of the Queen Isis Magic School.

On July 22, 2016, Pope Francis initiated Mary Magdalene as the Apostles of the Apostles, helping heal the centuries of persecution as a prostitute. Mary Magdalene was the anointee to her beloved Jesus. Together, they would help support people during a time when women were inferior to men. During these times, the patriarchy squashed the essence of the Divine Feminine for power and control. As we are on the dawn of a new Golden Era, her voice and her light is making a comeback, during a time in history where it’s essential for us to be in alignment with our Highest Self, the Divine Essence of love and compassion. Even after centuries of persecution, Mary Magdalene has remained the Ascendant Master of Unconditional Love. She reminds us to stay true to ourselves and to not allow the persecution of others to deter our bliss, our knowing, our truth, and most importantly, our connection to the Divine.

Faye Wylder is one of the leading voices of Mary Magdalene, sharing her message with grace in business and life. One of my personal favorite pray-ers, Faye is a light caster. Radiating her truth and being a vessel to allow the wisdom of Mary Magdalene to enter, she recalls the story told of Mary Magdalene brought Faye to study and connect deeper with the Sophia. It was in an initiation in 2012 through breath that Faye found herself baptized by the water with Yesuah holding the towel to dry her off. From there, Faye became a deep devotee to Mary Magdalene. She reminds us that Mary Magdalene reminds us that we are empowered. We are enough. We can call on support, we don't have to do this on our own.


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In This Episode We Talk About…

↠ How Breath brought forth her initiation by Mary Magdalene | 8:02


↠ How Mary Magdalene has trusted the Divine Process as a vessel of Unconditional love for Centuries | 12:40


↠ The Synchronicity of Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day coinciding with the New Moon of Leo | 16:20


↠ The Power of Praying Right and the tip of our Tongues to birth our Reality | 23:20


↠ What is Sovereignty | 25:00

↠  Conquering the Fear and Shame Society has Carried Around the Beauty of the Female Body with Prayer | 27:09

↠  Finding Balance between the Hustle and Flow with the Assistance of Mary Magdalene | 31:55

↠ Surrendering into the Moment with Breath | 36:00

↠ Conquering comparison by embracing community as we emerge the New Golden Age | 40:10

↠  Finding Balance between the Hustle and Flow with the Assistance of Mary Magdalene | 31:55

↠ Surrendering into the Moment with Breath | 36:00

↠ Conquering comparison by embracing community as we emerge the New Golden Age | 40:10


↠  Re-membering who we really are | 42:28

↠ Learning to Move and Wave with our Cycles, our Womb Blood, and the Moon | 44:31

↠ The Power of the “I Am” and connecting to our Feelings to Navigate and Become Aware of the Reality we are Living | 52:00


↠ Honoring the Power of Mary Magdalene's Feast Day | 01:08:25




To be sovereign is to take responsibility for our reality. This Goddess Revolution has allowed us to go back to basics. As a society, the more we speak of her name and share her message, her light, her medicine, we allow ourselves to connect to the Divine Feminine within us to flow through this time and space with ease and grace. Through our prayers and the way we speak, we find our way out of victimhood. We know that more than ever, we are asked to be our highest self unapologetically. Recognizing the importance of our Nervous Systems and our overall health, grace and surrender are essential for us to thrive during these changing times. As more women are hearing the call to become entrepreneurs, it’s important for us to honor the Feminine Essence within us so that we may balance the energy of the hustle that our inner Masculine carries.

Continuing on our journey, we are consciously choosing to re-member who we really are through our actions and beliefs. We can heal ourselves from the conditions we’ve once believed to be true, knowing that our only truth is that we are part of this greater plan and that life is happening for us. Everything that has led to this very moment has been perfect. We are never alone. We are always being watched over + protected by our angels. We are enough exactly as we are. In order for us to thrive, we must allow ourselves to honor our needs above all else so that we may be clear channels and vessels for the Divine to work through us. As we become more conscious and more aware as women, we are also rebuilding our relationship with the Moon and our cycles. Reclaiming our sovereignty over our bodies and honor all of whom we are, we allow ourselves to connect to the innate wisdom within us, permeating our light with ease and grace. This is what Mary Magdalene did as Jesus’ Shaman when she found him in the tomb. As too did Queen Isis with Osirius to birth Horus.


As we continue through on our journey, we know that prayer can help us and support us, but again, we have to ask for the help we need. Spirit won't intervene unless we ask because we have free will. Reclaiming our sovereignty and choosing to live a life where we feel supported, we are able to go ahead and connect to our Divinity within our own heart. Luckily we have tools, people, teachings and books like The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra to help us connect to the Divine Feminine Essence that is emerging and ready to thrive. There's a team of sisters here to support us both in the physical and multidimensional realm. We are never alone. We are always supported. We are always Divinely Guided. Honor the Journey. Trust the Process. Be gentle. Be kind. Be compassionate. Live in a space of Unconditional Love. The Power of Mary Magdalene's Feast Day is paving the road for the reality we are co-creating as Lightcasters and expressions of the Divine. The energy and frequency of unconditional love + compassion are here, ready to heal humanity and the planet. It's up to us to align to this powerful force of light so that we may come together with our guides to thrive in the Aquarian Age.


About Faye Wylder

Faye Wylder embraces her humanness as a LIGHTCASTER, a Spiritual Mentor, Mama, and Dancer. As a mentor for EnterpRising Feminine Leaders, Faye is passionate to help women activate their sovereignty, and amplify their light, as she naturally increases her spiritual and material affluence. She works closely with the over lighting mentorship of Mary Magdalene, streaming her mystery, message, and Unconditional Love into modern entrepreneurship and living.

Serving as a spiritual mentor for over 15 years, Faye has walked to the edge of possibility with countless women, singing songs of sovereignty as they leap into the Holy Light of their Heart, channeling pragmatic and miraculous paradigms through their business, spiritual activism, community service, and daily self-love practice. Weaving embodied divinity with practical, aligned tools, Faye is here to help empower women to upgrade their nervous systems, because let’s face it…. making stuff can be scary! She is here to help others really, truly, vibrantly, courageously shine the Light they came to shine, by creating and anchoring new paradigms of Love for humanity through their thriving enterprise.


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015 // Making your Mess your Message

So yes, I've been a hot mess, almost on the verge of a mental breakdown. Up until my recent vacation celebrating love and bringing in 28, I was completely overwhelmed and exhausted. I found myself caught up in goddesspreneur burnout and man, is it ugly. Truth be told, I needed a break, needed to have some fun, and needed to connect with nature and wow, was that the best medicine.

So now, I want to talk to you about the Spiritual Journey... oh the Spiritual Journey. It's a wild ride. What they don’t tell you about the Spiritual Journey is that shit can get messy… believe me, I know first hand. Been there. Done that.

My story was FAAAAR from being all unicorns and rainbows. My shadows have become the breeding ground for the Sabrina I am today. While the road hasn’t been easy, in the end, I can honestly say, it’s been worth it! The years of unconscious drug abuse, mental illness, playing small, living through my ego, and believing that I was unworthy allowed me to love myself far greater than I ever have before. And guess what, I’m finally at the point in my life where I can really honor where I’ve been and WOW does it feel liberating!

When you make the agreement to embark on this journey, you are signing a contract with your soul to heal the wounds of your past, even those places you’ve been doing your best to ignore.

You know...

Those moments when you didn’t take responsibility for your actions.
Those moments when you viciously hurt someone because you were hurting.
Those moments when you numbed yourself to “ease” the pain.

Yeah. All that shit’s gonna come up to bite you in the ass someday.

And it's usually when you least expect it.





↠ Getting honest when it comes to embracing the shadow

↠ how to reclaim your power by owning your story

↠ embracing all facets of the human experience

↠ How where you've been is leading you to where you're going

↠ my story on how disowning my shadows was actually detrimental rather than helpful




What I know for sure, you have the strength to get through it all.

Those moments are the ones where we created a hot mess because WE were a hot mess.
Those moments are the ones that offer us the opportunity to grow, heal, and evolve.
Those moments offer us the chance to gain empathy and to help someone else who may be going through it.


That’s why it’s so important to share your mess + allow it to be your message. Your mind may tell you otherwise, but you are a soul... duh and you have the strength deep within to transcend any limiting belief. Don't believe me, allow me to help you recognize your magnificence. This is the work that lights me up most.

We are living in a world where lightworkers are showing up doing their best to radiate truth, light and love, yet many of them are afraid to admit their demons and shine light to their shadows, all because they are ashamed + think they may be discredited as a beacon of light if they admit the truth.

I call bullshit.

We are in a time where we neeeeeed authentic and vulnerable leaders. People who can see you and be like, "wow. I can get through this because {{ subscriber.first_name }} got through it." I mean, come on! Doesn’t that feel waaay better knowing that your vulnerability and your authentic truth helped even just one person?


In this week’s episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, I talk about just this. Making your Mess your Message is CRUCIAL in a time where we are more transparent than ever before.


THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR MEDICINE and your medicine is your story on how you became VICTORIOUS, not being a victim.


Sovereignty means you live your life by YOUR RULES, meaning you are going out there and unapologetically being YOU. GOD DOES THAT FEEL GOOD!!!

Admitting your shadows and your mess is you telling the universe you're ready for a clean slate and to come out of this rebirth stronger than ever before.

014 // Navigating Through the Summer of Change

Change is inevitable. And as we go through these times, we can feel off. Luckily, there's awareness and when we recongize, we're able to navigate through these times with grace and ease, we find ourselves ready to slay the game! Embark on an evolution as we all come together and support one another, becoming our highest most authentic expressions of ourselves.

Sovereign Goddess Podcast chapter 014 Navigating through the Summer of Change


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013 // psychedelic harm reduction + healing stigmas | sara gael

Today's episode is one of the most empowering conversations of my life thus far, something I couldn't even do just weeks ago. Stepping more into my Sat Nam, I've found myself finding it easier to talk openly about a difficult psychedelic trip I had at Coachella back in 2012, releasing the shame and healing the stigmas, one authentic conversation at a time. Suppressing the gifts and the growth that came from that experience, it wasn't until recently I really heard the call to be more upfront and more honest about my psychedelic journey and my passion for these medicines. Up until Envision, I carried a deep load of shame for my journey + the medicines that were the catalyst for the Sabrina you see today. After Costa Rica, I heard the call to stop playing small and to start getting real about what fuels me and what reigns true in my heart.

Having Sara Gael, M.A. Director of Harm Reduction for MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies, + the head coordinator of the Zendo Project, a sacred and safe space for those who are experiencing difficult psychedelic experiences at festival and gatherings was truly an honor. Zendo has supported over 2,000 clients in the past 5 years. While Zendo wasn't around while I was experiencing my difficult LSD experience, their mission and intention has inspired me to be an advocate and to support their work. Our intention for this conversation is to promote psychedelic safety. We are choosing to hold space by having an honest conversation about psychedelics because we recognize that while we cannot stop people from using psychedelics, we can promote health and education of these sacred medicines. Psychedelics are not just being used recreationally anymore. They are going back to where they came from in therapeutic settings again. MAPS is currently about to begin the third phase of their MDMA research to help bring this medicine as a therapy option to help PTSD candidates by the year 2021.

In the last episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, I talked about how psychedelics saved my life by being the catalyst for my spiritual growth and evolution. My passion for psychedelics goes hand in hand with my passion to teach others how to experience altered states of consciousness through breath and various other techniques. In order to be smart and healthy, we must realize and understand that psychedelics are tools, not the end-all answer. It's up to us to do the work in order to integrate what we learned and experienced during our altered states of consciousness with these sacred medicines. As the Feminine continues to arise, we must learn to honor the darkness of her womb. Many times when people go through dark + difficult psychedelic experiences, this becomes the TRUE catalyst for a beautiful + powerful rebirth.


013 psychedelic harm reduction + healing stigmas.jpg





↠ Sara's personal journey as to how psychedelics have inspired her to heal her relationship with nature + God

↠ the correlation of healing our inner world will help us heal the world outside of ourselves, the macro + micro relation of reality

↠ embracing the rise of the Divine Feminine, incorporating the shadow when these difficult experiences arise in order to honor the light + your rebirth

↠ honoring our inner healer + the importance of the right set + setting, as well as setting the intention

↠ healing stigmas and releasing shame around psychedelics and difficult trips

↠  how to help someone who may be going through a difficult psychedelic experience

↠ understanding the 4 principles of the Zendo Project and their mission to help create compassionate care for those who are going through difficult psychedelic experiences as well as educating the masses about these medicines


EPISODE 13.jpg

Stepping more into my dharma as a spiritual teacher, I once believed I needed to behave a certain way in order to be respected. What I've learned over time is self-love, vulnerability + authentic self-expression begets respect. It got exhausting trying to keep up with my peers + teachers. The ones who love me + know me best could see right through me. There's no shame to that part of my journey either. We are all doing the best we can based on our level of awareness. What I'm aware of today is the call to heal stigmas against psychedelics and ceremonies that help people heal decades and sometimes even generations and lifetimes of trauma. We came to his planet not only to experience love, but to also heal the wounds of our past and to connect with not just each other, but to the Divinity that surrounds us.

Our journeys are all beautiful and unique and each is perfect in their own way. It's been a miracle to see me release my fears about psychedelics and to focus more on how I can love myself for who I am wholly and completely.

I love my flaws.
I love the battles I've conquered.
I love my past.
I love my journey.
I love where I'm headed.

We've been taught that it's not easy to pave a new road and anchor new paradigms, but the truth is, there's nothing easier than following your heart because deep down, you know you have faith in the work you're doing. You are the cosmic heart and when you go out there and follow your heart + your intuition, nothing can get in your way. The world outside you is the result of all past thinking, that's why it's SO CRUCIAL to walk by faith, not by sight. Please, darling, be gentle with yourself as you embody the truth of who you are. Whatever comes your way on the journey, shower it with LOVE. When you see God in all things, you recognize that your journey is working for you, never against you. So go out there and do something you've been scared to do up until now.


Meet Sara Gael, M.A.

Sara Gael, M.A. received her Master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University. She began working with MAPS in 2012, coordinating psychedelic harm reduction services at festivals and events worldwide with the Zendo Project. Sara was an Intern Therapist for the recently completed MAPS Phase 2 clinical trial of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD in Boulder, CO. She maintains a private practice as a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and non-ordinary states of consciousness. Sara believes that developing a comprehensive understanding of psychedelic medicines through research and education is essential for the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and the planet.


DISCOVER MORE ABOUT Sara Gael + Zendo Project

INSTAGRAM // @zendoproject | @mapsnews

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