You have discovered the very place where you can feel safe to be YOU! Let’s face it… all of us want to be heard and know that we are so worth being loved. Sometimes we need someone to remind us of our brilliance and excellence. I'm here to help you and support you as you embark on your journey of transformation. It is my Divine Purpose and mission to help others find and recognize their inner light that's been inside of them all along. You are here to get to know you unlike ever before! You are going back to knowing yourself on a soul-level. I believe that we must find ourselves reacquainted with our souls while looking at the bigger picture. A Holistic lifestyle is understanding that everything is connected - our health, our spirituality, our relationships, our work... ALL OF IT. Your life is your masterpiece. OWN IT!.


Enough playing small, darling. The time is NOW for you to build your queendom with grace.

Dedicated to the Passionate Visionary + Modern Medicine Women of the Aquarian Age, The Soulistic Journey is ready to support you as you embark on a mystical + fulfilling experience towards your Divine Destiny. This is your time to rise, goddess.



↠ You've been craving something deeper + more meaningful in your life.
↠ You want to align to your soul's purpose, but you've experienced feeling of overwhelmed time + time again.
↠ You have a sacred vision to create a more radiant + beautiful world.
↠ You're a passionate visionary, but you've witnessed resistance along the way.
↠ You've found yourself thinking and saying, "...but everyone else is doing it already."
↠ You're hearing the call to step out of the spiritual closet, to be vulnerable + to unleash your medicine.
↠ You've found your masculine + feminine energy imbalanced, or didn't even know you've had an imbalance.
↠ You've experienced challenges to go with the flow.
↠ You've been afraid to take the leap because you're comfortable in your day-to-day routine career that no longer serves.
↠ You've heard yourself saying, "who am I to..." time and time again.
↠ You've been playing small even though deep within you know you're far greater than that.

I know what you're feeling... I've been there too. I'm here to support you as you discover that sweet spot again.

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My name is Sabrina and I’m thrilled to have you here. As a soulistic mentor, my calling is to help women embrace the goddess within as she steps up and shares her medicine with grace + conviction. We allow ourselves to thrive when we are real, authentic, and vulnerable. The goddess has been suppressed for generations and now, she's ready to rise and radiate her light + her medicine... through you. As we heal our Divine Masculine within and empower the once suppressed Divine Feminine, we experience Heaven on Earth. I believe a symbiotic relationship between our mind, body, and soul to nature + the beauty that surrounds us, allowing us to live with sovereignty. In doing so, we evoke the Spirit within and experience a radiant life.


YOU have the choice to choose your experience.


I'm here to tell you, your authenticity is medicine for your soul + for humanity. Participating in the paradigm shift on this planet, we are here to embrace and honor all facets of our human experience. Living by the mantra, "be real. be authentic." we allow ourself to be vulnerable on this journey as we dive in deep, rediscover and reconnect with our truth. HAVE THE COURAGE TO EXPLORE WITHIN; it's the first step towards radical transformation. I'm here ready to support you every step of the way.



Allow me to remind you... all of this is perfect. You're perfect. You're supported. You're loved. You're exactly where you're supposed to be, right here, right now. Let it be known that YOU have the power to heal yourself of any emotional pain. YOU have every right to create the life you've always desired and more. I am here to share with you tools and inspiration that have helped me along the way as you embark on your journey to reconnect with your essence and your light. I invite you to welcome in the miracles. And so it is.... AHO!


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↠   Receive non-religious spiritual support
↠   Release what no longer serves with grace
↠   Learn how to connect with the moon + her influence to help you best thrive
↠   Tear down the walls you’ve built over the years
↠   Find balance in all areas of your life
↠   Love your body + embrace your sensuality
↠   Get in touch with the Divine within
↠   Create a life you’ve always dreamed
↠   Dive deep into your passions
↠   Become acquainted with your gifts you can bring to the world
↠   Breakthrough your blocks once and for all!
↠   Be accountable so that you succeed
↠   Tap into unlimited potential
↠   Balance your Masculine + Feminine energy
↠   Learn how to connect with your spirit guides to support you create an authentic and abundant life

↠   Heal your energetic bodies with yogic philosophies + ancient teachings
↠   Take the steps towards a healthy & balanced lifestyle
↠   Develop a meditation + mindfulness practice
↠   Build a close relationship with your body by knowing what it needs
↠   Remember you're not alone
↠   Learn how to live a life of abundance
↠   Find cosmic alignment by learning how to work with divine energy to best thrive
↠   Become BFFs with your intuition
↠   Detoxify your energetic body + strengthen your 10 bodies
↠   Learn how to develop healthy boundaries
↠   Connect to your personal cycles + phases
↠   Reduce physical and emotional pain in your body

Sabrina is a wonderful life coach who helped me identify what my true passions are. Throughout our sessions, we did exercises that highlighted my strengths and helped me overcome my fears. She provided me with helpful books and offered valuable advice on how to reach my goals. I was sent a summary of our sessions via email which I found extremely helpful. Sabrina offers great support and I would definitely refer her to anyone who is interested in receiving life coaching services. -DIONE R.

There is something really special about working with Sabrina, I feel like there is always a very symbiotic relationship and an unconditional support she provides me. I worked with her as a life coach and she would always pose very important questions for me to consider every step of my way in discovering the right life path for me. She is compassionate and loving and is here to serve you and the world! She is now dedicating her studies towards kundalini and heightening the world's vibrations, I got to practice a little bit with her and understanding more and more the power of the poses, the mudras and the mantras. May you continue to share your gifts with people and may those who are touched by you share that light with others! Namaste Sister. - ANGELINE C.

In order to thrive in today's world, having a strong and consistent meditation practice is key. I'm a firm believer and advocate in blending in ancient wisdom with our modern world. Science has proven that these practices WORK! They help us rewire the brain and restructure thought patterns to end the vicious cycle once and for all. But in order for us to see these results, we must be disciplined, committed and ready to do the work. Consciously choosing to take responsibility for your overall health and wellness, you are bound to find authentic happiness, joy, bliss, and confidence to go out into the world, step into your truth, and shine your light.


↠ Five 75 minute mentorship + energy sessions <includes medicine, alchemy + awareness sessions>

↠ Four 45 minute heart-to-heart mentorship calls

↠ Personalized recorded video of your Kundalini Yoga and meditation plan for you to practice wherever you go!

↠ Handouts, recipes, videos, & homework to keep you focused and driven

↠ Tailor-made crystal therapy report

↠ Email support between sessions

↠ A Shamanessa Goddessa SHAMANIC DREAM + Luna Medicine Smudge Spray chosen to best support you

↠ A tailor-made gift welcome package to support you delivered straight to your doorstep.

↠ Discounts + first availability to any upcoming retreats or events

↠ Personal monthly Tarot and/or oracle readings delivered to your inbox

↠ A tailor-made Kundalini yoga + meditation practice

↠ Digital recordings of every session for your viewing pleasure thanks to ZOOM.

↠ Astrological insights + Tantric Numerology report

↠ My 3 favorite books that helped me on my Spiritual Journey < see below >




the war of art steven pressfield




so the journey goes...

My Mentorship Program may be a match if...

✦ You're ready to transmute old habits + experience a new + empowered reality called life
✦ You're willing to overcome + release any emotional blocks
✦ You're choosing to find alignment with your soul’s purpose
✦ You've a desire to learn more about spiritual teachings + ancient wisdom
✦ You're choosing to reclaim your bliss + reconnect to your inner joy
✦ You're willing to heal any emotional wounds from the past or trauma that may be stuck in your body
✦ You're choosing to feel emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally healthy
✦ You're ready to be real. be authentic. in the world
✦ You desire a better + healthier relationship with your body + your true essence
✦ You're ready to live with self-confidence + grace
✦ You're understanding the importance to be BFFs with your inner guidance
✦ You're hearing the call to have a deeper spiritual connection with life and the world around you
✦ You're willing do whatever it takes to make the supportive changes you've been desiring in your life
✦ You're interested + open to holistic and alternative practices
✦ You can't get enough of yoga and meditation + are ready to embark on a spiritual practice
✦ You're looking for a motivational cheerleader to support you 100% of the way, even if it gets icky

We may not be a good fit if...

✦ You aren't ready to make the commitment to change your life
✦ You aren't willing to do something outside your comfort zone
✦ You are looking for someone to "heal you" with some quick fix
✦ You are lazy, unmotivated, + lack discipline
✦ You feel that New Age practices are too "woo-woo"
✦ You aren't interested in yoga or holistic medicine

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This journey doesn't happen overnight. The road can be windy and can knock us out of alignment with our soul's truth and divine destiny, but that's what makes the journey worthwhile! We are here to make lifelong changes. There are ebbs and flows. Pain and joy. all the feels. When you don't know how to move through it, you can feel stuck, trapped and alone. I get it. Been there. What I can tell you is that all of this is Divinely Guided + the results are far greater then you can imagine. Remember, YOU ARE INFINITE POTENTIAL.  When we hear the call to follow our hearts, we are called to prepare ourselves so that we may anchor in the abundance in store.



Allow yourself to go there.

We are about to dive in deep together as you embark on your spiritual journey. We will witness breakthroughs and aha! moments left and right. I respect my clients and I honor our time together. You are here doing the hard work and the dedication. I am here to help you, support you, motivate you, and remind you of what you've forgotten. I'm here to help you as you liberate your own soul. I am here to connect with you on a soul to soul level. I believe in you and I know you are going to come out of our time together feeling vibrant and unstoppable.


I am here to be your sister, your guide, your teacher, your confidant, your support, but most importantly, I am here to be your lifelong friend.



I live to see the soul's metamorphosis journey from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. The journey of transformation is elaborate and inspiring. I love watching my sistars succeed as they blossom into their fullest and most vibrant expressions of themselves. Life is meant to be RADIANT. Shine on you crazy diamond.

I look forward to see you spread your wings and thrive! But the question is... are you ready?


✦ I vow to help you reacquaint with your eternal + exuberant essence.

✦ I vow to remind your of your infinite potential as you achieve greatness. You are here to love yourself wholeheartedly because let’s face it… if you aren’t loving wholeheartedly + authentically, you aren’t loving at all.

✦ I vow to cocreate a sacred space where you feel supported and safe.

✦ I vow to support you as you share all your fears, hopes, and dreams, restoring your faith in yourself.

✦ I vow to help you breakdown the barriers you may have put up to “protect" you from harm’s way.

✦ I vow to give you the tough love, because I love you and I want to see you succeed.

✦ I vow to remind you of your light and your love.


Allow me to help guide you on your journey towards your magnificence and radiance.


Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY 30-Minute Yin + Yang Session


I'm here to honor you on this journey. You are reaching out because you're ready to dive in deep. I got you! What questions do you have? Why do you want to thrive? Are you ready to reclaim your sovereignty and build your queendom with grace? Yes? Perfect. If you resonate with the way Spirit flows through me, I invite you to answer the call and take the leap. I guarantee you'll never look back! This will help us see if we are a good fit. If you're interested and ready to embark on this journey together, reach out + schedule your FREE 30-minute Mentorship Yin + Yang Discovery Call.


This is the medicine your soul's been praying for.


*please note // this is a minimum 3 month commitment. we are here to really dive in deep and because Spirit takes the lead during our time together, space is limited as most of my clients have committed longer than 3 months. This means I'm here to help those who are committed to the Soulistic Journey. Based on my own experience, I know we cannot put a limit or a time-frame on our healing journey. Our time together will be effective, but this is about what your soul needs. This is deep soul healing work. Overtime, you'll be able to connect deeper to your Spiritual guidance + your intuition, knowing how long you need to go so that you can build your queendom with grace.


How long is the program?

Because everyone's needs are different, this program is all about going with the flow while making improvement fast, effectively, and efficiently. The Soulistic Journey begins with a 3 month program. During that time, we begin to really foster a relationship with one another. We will check in an feel out your progress.

Over the years, I've learned that you can't put a time frame on the healing journey. I am here doing this work with you so that you can get out there and share your gifts and your light with the world. With that being said, putting a timeline on our time together isn't what it's about.

This on-going relationship will continue until we feel as though our work together is complete. Please be aware, this is about you... not me. You have the opportunity to end whenever you feel confident to go out there and show the world the new and improved you. Once we decide what's best for you, you will be charged a reoccurring payment. You must notify me 30 days before you are ready to embark on the journey alone. When you feel that you are ready to spread your wings and fly from the nest, our last month together will conclude our time together. This is your journey and you will FEEL when it's time to go out there and fly. I've never been one for putting time frames on personal development and the healing journey. You know what you need more than anyone else. As I said, I am here to support you 110% of the way.

What is a Soul Landscape?

As part of our initial session, your soul landscape session is JUICY one. We will begin with us setting the intention as we create our sacred container. Once we open the doors to our temple, you will receive a 60-minute Medicine Session. As part of my signature offerings, you will experience an intuitive healing session + insights from the messages I received during your healing session. If you want to learn more about my MEDICINE SESSIONS, I invite you to read more here.

What's an Intuitive Reading?

As part of your monthly overview, you will receive an intuitive reading every first meeting of the month. This will help us set the tone for the month ahead and to tap into spiritual insights that are here to guide you as you embark on a new month. If you'd like to discover more, I invite you to check out my INTUITIVE READINGS and read more here.

What can I expect from a Mentorship Call?

This is your opportunity for me to be your soundboard. If there is something you need clarity on or something that's come up since our last time together, this is your chance to express your truth. be real. be authentic. Again, Spirit is in the lead on all of our sessions. We are here to allow grace to take the lead.

What if I want to go further than 3-months?

As we get together for meeting twelve, we will discuss where we go from here. If you decided to end your journey with your 3-month commitment, we will have a closing ceremony. If you decide to continue working with me, we will go over what we've accomplished and revisit your initial intake forms. From here, we'll see if any desires have shifted or what is the next layer we'll be focusing on.

Still have questions about the program?

I know how you're feeling. To be vulnerable and courageous enough to go out into the world and unleash your medicine isn't always easy at first getting out there. I want you to know you are never alone and your are fully supported. My treat for you is a complimentary 20-minute discovery session. I'm here to answer any questions pertaining to this incredible mentorship program.