Thank you for swinging by. I'm Sabrina Riccio, a medicine priestess, soulistic alchemist, podcast host and speaker. I've heard the call to help serve the greatest good by embracing + sharing the light of the world. Blessed with the Spiritual Name Shiv Inder Kaur, my dharma is to help transcend negativity and generate a new world by embracing God’s Light through Divine Consciousness. I am a soul who has been reincarnated from many powerful ascendant masters and I am here to help you evoke the Spirit within. This journey is about finding yourself in alignment with your Truth and going out into the world to inspire others to shine just as bright. We are here to help one another uplift humanity, all while staying grounded and humble as we embark on this beautiful journey called life. The road hasn't always been easy, but it's been worth it. I am here to help support and guide you as you go forth into the unknown, trusting that you are divinely guided and supported every step of the way.


A desert priestess from Joshua Tree, my mission is to be the light I wish to see in the world. My passion for music therapy and connection to nature led me to serve the highest benevolence of Truth, love, and compassion. My dharma is to bless and raise the collective consciousness by helping others awaken the Divine within through vulnerability and authenticity. Shamanessa Goddessa is my passion project. This space is here to empower the spiritual revolution to be real, be authentic. I believe in the power of Feminine Leadership and it's her time to RISE! I'm here to connect with Gaia to empower goddesses to thrive with grace and authenticity.


I have always been of service. With my unique approach, I incorporate various healing arts and metaphysical studies including Kundalini Yoga, Astrology, A Course in Miracles, Shamanic Breathwork, authentic living, Reiki, and 432 Hz Sound Medicine to help liberate the soul by transcending blocks, balancing the chakra system and activating a healthy mind, body, spirit relationship. I believe we are here to find balance within our souls as we connect with our masculine and feminine energies to awaken to our highest potential.

Blessed by John of God as a Daughter of the Casa, I've been divinely guided to anchor in a paradigm shift, co-creating a new world by embracing Divinity through the sacred reunion of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. As a Soulistic Mentor + Motivational Speaker, I am driven to inspire others to follow their bliss and to be Divinely guided to live a passionate and authentic life through radical forgiveness and self-expression.


Just a small town girl from Desert Hot Springs, CA, I grew up living with my head in the stars. Raised Catholic, I found myself communicating with angels, saints, Mother Mary, and Jesus. As a priestess, I have been interested in mysticism since I can even remember. My childhood was challenging. I grew up with depression after experiencing death since the age of 3. I was always connected with the mermaids and dolphins and drew peace signs and yin-yang symbols whenever I could. I grew up listening to hip-hop and R&B while still was a teeny-bopper who was obsessed with the Spice Girls and *NSYNC. I would make music videos with my cousins and loved to direct dances and plays for the holidays. 

While I was the outgoing one of the class, deep down there was deep darkness. It was easy for me to be the thick girl with the loud and obnoxious personality. My inner child was screaming for attention and affection. Throughout high school I found myself living in the fog. I forgot what it was like to feel. After losing my best friend to suicide at the age of 17, I ended up losing my Grandpa two weeks after. It was by far the darkest time of my childhood. I was already numb from all the death before. Not knowing how to grieve, I pushed it all down and repressed what I was really feeling. I believed for so long that it was up to me to be the strong one to help support the family. I was going into college with this prolonged depression.  

While I was in college at San Diego State, I began studying the world's religions alongside leadership. Soon enough, I found that I was on my way to learn more about the gift each brings - the teaching of compassion and love. This passion and the road of self-discovery continued as I attended Chapman University in Orange County to study Marketing and Sociology. This paved the road for me to become a true global citizen. The most significant part of my college experience was diving into the music festival scene. I began to feel like I belonged somewhere. Still working through my depression, I was tired of feeling numb. Filled with the misfits, the outsiders, and the ones who were against the status quo, it was a playground for me. There was a connection there even to this day is difficult to put to words. During that time, I began to learn how to step into my power. I reevaluated friendships in my life, and met incredible people who had the same drive and passion to be global citizens of the world.

My first rave brought me back in communion with God. It was a powerful supermoon that night. This was the first time I heard this terminology, but that was the catalyst of me becoming a true moon child. Magic was in the air and I remember crying my eyes out as I was able to transcend my depression and connect with God for the first time in a long time with the assistance of MDMA. 

My days as a Music Journalist with peace love EDM

My days as a Music Journalist with peace love EDM

After graduating college I followed my passion for music and began a music blog, peace love EDM. There was something magical about the electronic dance community and the culture. I wanted to share with the world the stories of the incredible people I met along the way. I was inspired by the artists and creatives that replicated an orchestrator; conducting the music to the groove of our collective consciousness. As a music journalist, I found my Sat Nam as I dove deeper into self-healing and spirituality. I was evolving from the party scene. I knew there was something more and I wanted to contribute to my community in a way that would be more fulfilling and more in alignment with my truth. After years of oppressing my connection with Spirit, I had a near-death experience that helped bring me to the road less traveled. Years of depression were finally alleviated as I began to find myself in alignment with my soul's truth. My encounter with lightning was a sign from God that I needed to change my ways. I was going down a dark path, abusing these medicines, believing they would be the answer to my problems. I began losing sight of what was important. After getting caught up with the glitz and glamour of the music industry, I needed to remember why I was in the scene in the first place. I had a hard time feeling part of a community because I felt isolated and trapped in my victim story. Looking back, years of being a music journalist showed me first hand the community of kindred spirits is what made the electronic dance movement great.


While taking a sabbatical, I allowed myself to get grounded. I realized that I was called to bring forth something far greater to the world. During that time, I traveled to Thailand, Laos, Bali, and Brazil. I dove deeper into the Spiritual Arts, became a certified life-coach, a Kundalini yoga teacher, and a Reiki practitioner. The greatest opportunity came when I visited Brazil to see the Spiritual Healer known as John of God. Blessed to become a Daughter of the Casa, I found myself more in alignment with how can I best serve humanity and God. I've been called to help guide others to discover, honor, and love their authentic truth - recognizing that every step of this journey is important. Our journey is here to help serve the highest good. It's been my passion and mission to be the light I wish to see in the world. Years of self-study, self-healing, and self-discovery birthed this lovechild known as Shamanessa Goddessa.


There's no place like )'(ome // Burning Man 2016  

There's no place like )'(ome // Burning Man 2016


My passion for gatherings and music will live on until I take my last breath. Following my bliss has allowed me to live out my dream and provide a gift and service to others on a more fulfilling and gratifying level. During my evolution, I have been blessed with opportunities to honor my roots, teaching and performing at some of the world's greatest transformational festivals including Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis Gathering, Desert Hearts and Burning Man. To witness the transformation that occurs at these gatherings is one of the many blessings I have a deep sense of gratitude for. I absolutely adore my community and I have full faith that we are the ones we've been waiting for.

I've heard the call to bring back the goddess and to help reunite the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Knowing that the inner creates the outer. I'm here to help humanity rediscover the Divine within. In doing so, I believe the world will be restored to it's truest and fullest potential. I'm here to share with the world the wisdom I've learned over the years as I've dedicated my life to my spiritual path. I see my passion and my dharma is to support humanity as the collective consciousness shifts into a more unified community of souls who are here to make this place more beautiful than when we first arrived.